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Iran CFD Expert Center

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a technique to extract information related to the flow, the fluid properties and the other inter-related phenomena such as heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction in different systems. CFD simulation software capabilities can be a tremendous help in the least time to achieve the optimum design of equipment, identifying and resolving the process bottlenecks. The simulations also ensure increased efficiency and production will be more and more efficient. Iran CFD Expert Center ذy using the best and most advanced computer resources and having some of the best scholars and specialists, provide the best quality at the lowest possible time for various industries and research centers.

The rapid development of technology and dependence of relations to information has caused a wonderful change in industrial activity and has changed the classical development from capital pivot to knowledge pivot. Iran CFD Expert Center with this belief, proceeding to basic and applied research in relation with

  • CFD consulting for all industrial processes
  • Create CFD code needed to specialized industries and research parts of the country
  • Provide various services in connection with the commercial software world

In order to

  • Engineering design based on CFD simulation devices (Simulated Based Equipment Design) instead of the traditional method Build & Test
  • Removing existing bottlenecks and process optimization

To reduce energy consumption and costs, improve safety processes, increase production capacity, improve productivity and competitiveness, has done.