About us

Iran CFD Expert Center with the efforts of a number of academic and research centers and university graduates and by the goal of using CFD applications in industries has been established. Nowadays, the role of process simulation to reduce costs is undeniable. Investing in using CFD in industrial processes can provide almost six times the value of the benefit, which unfortunately has been largely used in our country. The center’s approach is to design, redesigns of existing equipment and processes in the industry in order to achieve optimum designs, reducing energy consumption, reducing the cost of building units, increase production efficiency and test new products. Other objectives of the Center are to:

    • .Operation of high-performance computational capabilities of the CFD applications in industry promotion
    • .Strengthening the interaction between experimental observations, mathematical models and numerical simulations
    • .Providing efficient and effective environment for teaching and research using CFD tools
    • .Promotion and development of content and high quality, reliable CFD software that can be used in universities and ind
    • .Short-term training courses to enhance the understanding, evaluation methods, CFD, applications of CFD.

The center has experienced staff enabling academic and industrial projects in the following fields:

    • .Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
    • .Mechanics and Energy Conversion Engineering
    • .Aerospace Engineering
    • .Medical Engineering
    • .Nano Engineering
    • .Aerospace Engineering

A brief resume of the specialized experts of Iran CFD Expert center are as follows:

Dr Hashemabadi        CV of Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi (Head of Iran CFD Expert Center)