CFD Projects in Industry

wonderful features of CFD softwares are not used in the industries. This center is ready to develope required seb-programs to performig simulation for all commercial software. Also if desired flow may not have commercially available simulation software, the ability of designing and developing required CFD simulation codes are exist. CFD specialist center with the use of the best and most advanced computer resources and the best quality work in the minimum possible time offered services to their clients. Some of the servicesServices - Industrial Project offered at the center include:

  • .Solve practical problems and basic industries like oil, gas, petrochemical, defense, aerospace, chemical industry, medicine and …
  • .Investigation and optimization approach to improve the efficiency of chemical processes, process flows and dynamics of particles in the process
  • .Heat exchangers, electronic (cooling semiconductors and electronic components)
  • .CFD Analysis of urban water supply and distribution systems, faucet networks, sewage treatment plants and large-scale hydraulic structures
  • .Resolve issues as complex free surface dynamics, especially for problems involving a phase change, chemical reaction and combustion
  • .Resolve issues related to internal and external aerodynamic
  • .Solving the problems of open channel hydraulics
  • .Design and analysis of turbine blades
  • .Simulation of thermal, mechanical aircraft and missile components under operational conditions
  • .Modeling of solar panels, wind turbines and equipment for renewable energy systems
  • .Design and simulation of defense equipment such as tanks, planes, helicopters, warship, airplane, etc.
  • .Simulation of process equipment for various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, sugar factories, paper, cement, textile, refinery control systems and …
  • .Simulation and design of cooling and heating systems for buildings and business premises, office and residential Design and simulation of power plants, fossil, solar, wind, nuclear and hydro

It is hoped that organizations, industries and companies by using the services of this center in relation to other competitors in the competitive market surpassed and by removing process bottlenecks, the detailed design of new equipment and resolving the existing equipment problems by using CFD simulations features, become more and more close to the success.