Research Project and Specialized CFD Codes Creation

While the old method of CFD in the world is not enough, this branch of science in Iran in recent years, growth has been very good. Instead of taking this topic in academic courses offered at universities, well reflect the attention and the bright future of the country. The center also serves as a professional in the field. ResComputer_code_thumb800earch projects, the development of numerical methods in fluid dynamics, analysze of heat transfer and fluid dynamics, are one of the research areas. Despite the growth of commercial software and to perform CFD simulations are, unfortunately, in many cases because of limitations in the software, one can’t simulate some flow processes. Because of these limitations, developing by user are being added to all the existing commercial software program. The CFD expert center is ready to give and perform the simulation program required for all commercial software development. In some cases, it can be seen that the flow process simulation with commercial software is not possible. In these cases it is possible to design and create the CFD code if required.