Councils Hardware

 Iran CFD Expert center with an experienced and qualified staff provide consulting hardware services to companies, universities and scientific centers. Among the services offered at this center can be mentioned the following:

  • Creation of parallel processing systems
  • Removing restrictions of commercial softwarelarge-icon
  • Consulting on Buying CFD hardware system
  • CFD code execution on the GPU to speed up calculations
  • Design and implementation of the computing cluster (Cluster Computing)
  • Development of computational clusters up to 1000 single core
  • Development of computational grids in the corporation computers by considering the security network and information security principles
  • Counseling and provision of necessary hardware and software to set up a cluster computing system
  • Optimizing and increasing the efficiency of cluster computing systems
  • Clustering graphics processors for high computing capacity
  • Design and implementation of networks with infinite band to create a network platform for large-scale cluster computing
  • Design and implementation of computer networks, cable, fiber optic and wireless
  • Cluster computing system control through the corporation network or Internet

This center is ready to assist industrial units in each of the cases cited.