Radiotracer Scan of Industrial Equipments

Iran CFD Expert Center by having advanced equipments in the field of radiotracer scan of process equipments, provide a range of services to various industries. To inform about the benefits of this new method, it is desirable to read the following items are taken from the specialized literature and the experience of the industries in the world:
As the success of industrial project is highly depend on early identification of process problems and employing strategic decisions to fix them, radiotracer scanning techniques are widely used to identify possible shortcomings and defects in the processing equipments used in various industries. By using these methods, possible problems with the process without the disability of systems provides the economic benefits. In this method, a radioactive substance is injected into the system and its flow pass is detected by the help of radiation detectors. The presence and concentration of the tracer as a function of time lead to achievibg achieving many valuable information such as incorrect function of processing equipment and good information about hydrodynamic behavior. So far, this method has been used by many process equipments in the industrial factories such as petroleum, petrochemical, gas, cement, paper, metallurgy, energy, engineering, civil engineering, environmental, sanitary engineering, etc. According to the documentation, using radiotracer scan is common in all over the world specially in fully developed countries. But in developing countries due to the lack of access to equipments and expertise is less. Among the advantages of this approach are the following:

  • High sensitivity detection
  • Identification and tracking of inside of equipment
  • Physio-chemical Compatibility
  • Availability of a broad set of compatible tracers
  • Limited background effects
  • Rapid and specific detection
  • Ability to receive and analyze data much faster and repeat tests if needed
  • Saving process costs due to increased production efficiency and product quality and reduce time to plant out of service
  • Reasonable cost with very high efficiency compared with previous costly methods

Select a suitable detector for any special equipment, is very important. Items such as physio-chemical behavior, half-life, specific activity, the type and energy of radiation, radiation safety are carefully specified by our experts. Tracer amounts that must be injected to equipment is depend on many parameters as required accuracy, measurement efficiency or standard factor for system identification, the expected distribution and dilution, half-life time, tracking and background radiation levels, injections and identification mode, the tracer loss and many other parameters. After selecting the type and amount of tracer, other duties of our expert team are preparing tracer, tracer injection and detection, investigation and analysis of the safety requirements in identifying problems of the process equipment. Among the important applications of radiotracer scanning process may be mentioned the following:

  • Blockage Detection and Location in pipes and other industrial systems
  • Leak Detection and undesirable outputs in the system or connection points and location
  • Determination the material flow rates of industrial systems to determine the mass balance calculations, increase efficiency, calibrate flowmeters, determining the distribution of flows in a network of process equipment, identifying the existence and extent of leakage, identifying process and environmental problems and etc.
  • Solving process problems
  • Set holdup and radial distribution in packed beds
  • Analysis, simulation and optimization of processes
  • Design of control systems
  • Mechanical Studies
  • Measuring the velocity and direction of water pollution in the chemical industry, petrochemical, sterilization, etc.
  • Measuring effluents from process and wastewater distribution
  • Set the mixing/blending time
  • Check liquid droplet in a gas flow

and many others
The center is ready to assist industries in any of the above situations.